Warning Signs

What are the warning signs that my teen may be using drugs?
Signs in the Home
            ►loss of interest in family activities
            ►disrespect for family rules
►withdrawal from responsibilities
►verbally or physically abusive
►sudden increase or decrease in appetite
►disappearance of valuable items or money
►not telling you where they are going
►constant excuses for behavior
►spending a lot of time in their rooms
►finding the following: cigarette rolling papers, pipes, roach clips, small glass vials, plastic baggies,     remnants of drugs (seeds, etc.)
Signs at School
            ►loss of interest in learning
            ►sleeping in class
            ►poor work performance
            ►not doing homework
            ►defiant of authority
            ►poor attitude toward sports or other extracurricular activities
            ►reduced memory and attention span
            ►not informing you of teacher meetings, open houses, etc.
Physical and Emotional Signs
       ►smell of alcohol or marijuana on breath or body
       ►unexplainable mood swings and behavior
       ►negative, argumentative, paranoid or confused, destructive, anxious
       ►over-reacts to criticism
       ►acts rebellious
       ►sharing few if any of their personal problems
       ►doesn't seem as happy as they used to be
       ►overly tired or hyperactive
       ►drastic weight loss or gain
       ►unhappy and depressed
       ►cheats, steals
       ►always needs money, or has excessive amounts of money
       ►sloppiness in appearance
Source: CDC.
The following factors have been associated with illicit drug use by teens:
►Dropping out of school (highest rate of drug use among h.s. drop outs)
►Poor performance in school
►Smoking cigarettes (8 times higher risk than nonsmokers)
►Alcohol use (60% of persons aged 12 and older who were heavy drinkers reported illicit drug use, compared to 5% of nondrinkers)
►Marijuana Use
►Access to prescription meds (almost 60% of persons ages 12 and older reported getting drugs from a friend or family member)