Morphine Overdose and Morphine Lawsuit
Morphine is a narcotic, opioid pain reliever used for moderate to severe pain. Morphine is often sold generically as well as under the brand name MSContin for a sustained-release formulation. Derived from the poppy plant, and opium, morphine is considered highly potent and highly addictive, with physical dependence and tolerance developing rapidly. Heroin is synthesized from morphine. Morphine acts on the central nervous system, and overdose can cause respiratory depression, asphyxia and death. A person is especially at risk of death if morphine is administered with other opiates or CNS depressants, or with benzodiazepines, like alprazolam.   MSContin, because it is a sustained-release formulation, if chewed or crushed, can enter the bloodstream too quickly and lead to morphine overdose. 
Morphine is used in various settings, often in the hospital, including for cancer pain, heart attack pain, trauma, post-surgical pain, kidney stones and severe back pain.
Older Adults
While any patient is at risk of death or serious injuries from a morphine overdose, some populations of patients are at greater risk of overdose. Older adults, especially those with medical conditions or compromised health, such as adults in nursing care facilities or nursing homes, are at greater risk of side effects from a medication error.
Similarly, children and babies are at greater risk of overdose from any opiate, including morphine. In recent years, there have been cases of hospital and physician errors that led to serious consequences and death in infants given too much morphine in the hospital. The FDA has recently issued an advisory about the risk of morphine overdose in nursing infants whose mothers are given codeine in the hospital. 
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