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If your family member was severely injured or died as a result of a physician, hospital or pharmacy error, and you want to know what the law provides and what your legal options are, contact us at 336.369.2185.   We file prescription drug overdose lawsuits, as well as help families understand what happened in cases where a drug overdose lawsuit is not warranted. 

Most physician or hospital overdose deaths occur because too much of the medication is prescribed, or someone makes an error and gives more than is prescribed.  Sometimes a pharmacy fails to put the correct instructions on the label, or puts the wrong medication in the bottle. 

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The life of a legal case

Most legal cases proceed through four stages.  The first stage is the investigative stage.  During this stage, in a drug overdose lawsuit, a good overdose lawyer gathers all medical, pharmacy, death, and personal records.  The records are reviewed by lawyers, pharmacists, toxicologists, pharmacists, and any other persons the lawyer retains to advise her about the case.  After the investigative stage, the lawyer and client discuss the findings, and decide whether to move forward.  If the client and lawyer decide to move forward, some cases enter a pre-suit settlement stage.  This is a time during which the lawyer may initiate conversations with the insurance adjuster to alert him or her of the claim.  The second stage is when the case enters the litigation stage.  During this stage, the actual complaint is filed, and a period of discovery takes place.  Discovery is a time when written questions are asked, papers and evidence is exchanged with the other side, and oral sworn statements (called depositions) are taken.  The third stage is usually mediation.  Mediation is the time when the case is assessed by both sides' lawyers, and a settlement conference is held to explore whether the parties are willing to settle the case.  The last stage of a case is the trial stage.  A trial is held in the county where the suit was filed. 

Have questions, but not sure you want to pursue a legal case for a drug overdose?  The first step is emailing or calling an overdose lawyer.  It costs nothing, and there is no obligation.  We spend time everyday, talking to everyday people about medication overdoses.  If nothing else, we can help answer your questions about why your loved one died.