Ethex Recall
Ethex Generic Morphine Recall/ Ethex Lawsuit
Generic morphine sulfate manufactured by Ethex Corporation, was recalled last year after tablets were found to contain more of the drug then they were supposed to. In June 2008, manufacturing errors may have led for this morphine to be distributed for consumption. Subsequent recalls were issued for additional lots of morphine and at least 30 other generic drugs manufactured by Ethex which may have contained up to twice the necessary amount of the active pharmaceutical ingredient.
The FDA issued at least eight warning letters to Ethex about manufacturing and marketing violations.
After the morphine recall, Ethex investors filed a class action lawsuit against parent
company KV Pharmaceuticals alleging that the company published false information about their compliance with FDA manufacturing and marketing regulations and failed to disclose the problems with their facility that resulted in the distribution of defective tablets and the risk of serious harm to consumers.
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